VaultHunter.EXE is Claptrap's action skill in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Upon activation, VaultHunter.EXE will analyse the current situation - including teammate/enemy presence, Claptrap's health, shields and ammo count and more - and will bestow an Action Package based on the criteria met. The effects of some Action Packages can extend to Claptrap's allies. More Action Packages can be made available by investing in certain skills in Claptrap's skill trees.

Due to Claptrap's glitchy programming, VaultHunter.EXE may occasionally select an Action Package not relating to the current situation, as well as sending a random package if the situation meets multiple Action Packages' criteria at the same time.

Regardless of the Action Package chosen, activating VaultHunter.EXE always replenishes Claptrap's health and grants constant health regeneration for the package's duration. Any skills that affect teammates will also inform them with a "You've been Claptrapped!" message, along with the Action Package's name and description and displays a duration bar on screen

The following Action Packages can occur:

Action Package Unlocked By Effect Duration
Clap-In-The-BoxFragtrapMode-HotPotato Kick Him While He's Down Claptrap digistructs a large bomb, which will explode after a short delay, dealing heavy explosive damage to nearby enemies and/or allies. If the bomb's explosion doesn't injure anybody else, Claptrap enters Fight For Your Life. 8 seconds
Gun WizardFragtrapMode-GunWizard You're... GOING TO LOVE ME!! Provides a +100% bonus to rate of fire, reload speed, and magazine size, and refills the supply of all ammunition excluding rockets and grenades.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies.

20 seconds
Torgue FiestaFragtrapMode-ButterFingers I Am Rubber, You Are Glue Claptrap will emit a series of live grenades in random directions to the front of him that damage both enemies and allies. The grenades do not use Claptrap's equipped grenade mod, and do not consume any of Claptrap's grenade ammunition.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies. Allies will throw a single grenade (that uses their equipped grenade mod) at the skill's activation and slowly regenerate grenade ammo for the skill's duration.

8 seconds
Pirate Ship ModeFragtrapMode-PirateShip Livin' Near the Edge Claptrap dons a pirate hat atop a mast and four cannons, which automatically fire to the tune of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture either alternately or in salvo, depending on the tempo of the music. Each cannonball flies in a slight arc and explodes on impact, featuring a large blast radius and high explosive damage. Shots fired too close will damage Claptrap, but not his allies. The final three salvos deal the most damage. 35 seconds
One Shot WonderFragtrapMode-OneShotWonder Tripleclocked One pull of the trigger unloads all ammo left in the magazine at once and knocks Claptrap back, inflicting increased damage.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies.

20 seconds
Laser InfernoFragtrapMode-LaserShow Rainbow Coolant A disco ball floats above Claptrap's Head, constantly shooting shock, incendiary, and corrosive lasers at enemies in melee range to Claptrap. Items (such as the 3DD1.E) that increase laser damage will improve the damage of these lasers. 25 seconds
MiniontrapFragtrapMode-Commando Default Claptrap throws out a Turrettrap that shoots explosive rockets (similar to Axton's Sabre Turret) and wields a Dahl assault rifle, periodically shooting powerful non-elemental bullets at its chosen target. 15 seconds
Meat UnicycleFragtrapMode-Psycho Default Claptrap pulls out a Buzz Axe for melee combat, similar to Krieg's Buzz Axe Rampage. The fire button slashes horizontally, while the aim button slashes vertically. Claptrap also periodically emits incendiary novas, and gains increased movement speed.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies, who will receive increased movement speed and melee damage.

18 seconds
FunzerkerFragtrapMode-Gunzerker Default Claptrap receives a copy of his currently equipped weapon in his other clamp, mimicking Salvador's Gunzerking ability. Both guns are automatically fired and reloaded until the end of the skill. Ammo for the equipped weapon regenerates during the package (excluding rocket launchers). During this time Claptrap receives +50% fire rate and +100% reload speed.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies, who will also continuously fire and gain ammo regeneration, but will not receive an additional copy of their weapon. Meleeing or throwing a grenade can temporarily pause the continuous fire.
Reviving teammates is impossible while Funzerking is active.

20 seconds
MechromagicianFragtrapMode-Mechcromancer Default Claptrap summons a Punkbot, which engages enemies in combat in a similar fashion to Gaige's Deathtrap. Gun accuracy and magazine size are reduced by a third, but gun damage is increased by approximately 263%, similar to Gaige's Anarchy and Discord skills. Bullets also bounce off of walls towards enemies similar to her Close Enough skill.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies.

20 seconds
Shhhh... Trap!FragtrapMode-Assassin Default

Claptrap deploys a Holotrap and becomes invisible, similar to Zer0's Decepti0n ability. The hologram attracts aggro from nearby enemies. Enemies will not deliberately target Claptrap himself for the duration of this effect, though flying bullets and splash damage will still injure him. Claptrap is free to attack as many times as he likes without breaking stealth.

If for whatever reason the Holotrap does not deploy when the skill activates, Claptrap will become invisible, but enemies will still shoot at him.

20 seconds
Blight BotFragtrapMode-Siren Default Claptrap summons a Sirentrap emitting an acid gas and with fire wings on its back, which proceeds to fly around enemies dealing incendiary and corrosive damage, similar to Maya's Blight Phoenix skill. 30 seconds
Rubber DuckyFragtrapMode-Rubber Default Claptrap will continually bounce into the air and gain bullet reflection. Damage-over-time, melee attacks, grenades and rockets can still damage Claptrap, however.

The effect extends to Claptrap's allies.
Reviving teammates is impossible while Rubber Ducky is active.

20 seconds
Senseless SacrificeFragtrapMode-Sacrifice Default
(co-op only)
Claptrap forces himself into Fight For Your Life to revive all other team members that are currently in Fight For Your Life. n/a
MedbotFragtrapMode-MedBot Default
(co-op only)
Claptrap gains drastically increased movement speed and a healing laser that he can use to restore teammate and enemy health. 20 seconds


  • With Funzerking there is no crosshair for the left-hand weapon, unlike with Gunzerking.
  • Elemental damage from Blightbot will not add stacks of Maniacal Laughter.
  • If the grenade-like deployment device for the mini-Claptrap thrown by Claptrap for Shhhh... Trap, Miniontrap, Blightbot or Mechromagician is thrown over the edge of the map into a bottomless pit, VaultHunter.EXE will cancel and become instantly available for another activation when the device 'dies' at the bottom.
  • Performing a melee attack or going in to Fight For Your Life when Funzerking ends will make Claptrap's left hand and sprinting animations remain as if he were still Funzerking and reload animations will not play properly.


  • When using Shhhh... Trap, the line "Hologram Deployed / Invisibility Rocks! / How Many Syllables? is displayed. This is a reference to Zer0 speaking in Haikus in many of his lines and it contains an intentional flaw of a 5 / 7 / 6 syllable pattern whereas typical haiku flow is a 5 / 7 / 5 syllable pattern.
  • The repeated fire novas generated while Meat Unicycle is active is intended to emulate the behavior of the legendary Flame of the Firehawk shield, a popular choice among Krieg players.
  • One Shot Wonder is the only Action Package that is not heralded by any unique animations or visual cue - all that announces it is the duration timer appearing onscreen and Claptrap's line of dialogue.
  • When using Clap-In-The-Box the tune that plays matches the song that Tiny Tina sings in her opening cutscene - a rendition of the song Pop Goes The Weasel.
  • Claptraps' Medbot Action Package is a reference to the Team Fortress 2 character the Medic, both through the icon and the healing laser.