The Vengeance is a legendary machine pistol manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects

Vengeance is Yours – Chance to bypass shields.

Usage & Description

The Vengeance is an ordinary machine pistol with a small chance to bypass shields. However, its special weapon effect is bugged, and has little chance of being fixed in the future, hence one should consider stowing it in an equip slot just for the effect.


The Vengeance's effect comes from the barrel5_Vladof_Vengence (sic) barrel. Apart from the shield bypass, the part's stats are mostly equivalent to barrel5. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Accuracy Minimum: -75%
Damage: +15%
Spread: -130%
Recoil: -50%
Clip Size: +1
Tech Level: +1
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Accuracy Minimum: -150%
Damage: +15%
Spread: -130%
Recoil: -50%


The special effect is bugged:

  • If the Vengeance is not initially equipped when the game starts, its special ability will not take effect.
  • If the Vengeance is equipped to one of the four weapon slots when the game starts, all four equipped weapons will always have a chance to bypass shields.
  • If the Vengeance is replaced with a different weapon after the initial load, all weapons will still have a chance to bypass shields.
  • Can also carry over to driver's front turret, plus it might pass to Rocket and Turret passenger seats. Not yet tested for passenger weapon. (Person with the gun only.)[citation needed]
  • This bug makes grinding at the Eridian Promontory a great way to get fast XP and weapon proficiencies.