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The Veritas is a unique pistol made by Vladof. Veritas is obtained from the mission Clan War: Wakey Wakey located in The Dust.

Special Weapon Effects

Shoulda stopped at one. – +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every Veritas or Aequitas equipped in the party. It also includes a 10% multiplicative critical hit bonus.

Usage & Description

Veritas is a fairly unremarkable variant of the Vladof Assassin-pattern handgun, only really worth using over a standard weapon for its bonus in Fight For Your Life. It can be beneficial if a character has a spare weapon slot for it, but will quickly be exceeded in capability as the character levels.


  • The words "Veritas" and "Aequitas" can be read on the barrel of the gun
  • The Veritas' added Fight For Your Life stacks with the Aequitas shield.


  • The flavor text refers to The Boondock Saints series of movies, joking that they should have stopped producing them after the first. The Veritas (and Aequitas) are named after the tattoos on the main characters' hands.

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