Voracidous the Invincible is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. The objective is to eliminate the raid boss, Voracidous the Invincible.


"It's dangerous to go alone. Seriously!"


  • Defeat Voracidous the Invincible


After the mission The Fall of Nakayama, Sir Hammerlock will have a new mission in Hunter's Grotto called Voracidous the Invincible. This takes place in a branch of Candlerakk's Crag set up as an arena. The arena can only be accessed by paying eight Eridium at the gate, and nearby are various facilities to aid in preparing for the coming fight: vending machines including an Ammo Dump and a med vendor, and a Quick Change station.

Once Voracidous has first been damaged, his health bar will appear at the top, and Chief Ngwatu will come from a portal above Voracidous and the entrance gate will close. Initially, Voracidous has no shields and relatively little health compared to some other raid bosses, but Chief Ngwatu has an incredible amount of shield capacity but no more health than most common bandit enemies.

In the first phase, Chief Ngwatu will give chase and shoot lightning beams. These will rapidly drain shields, and should Voracidious be in range, give him a very small amount of shield capacity. Every now and then he also does an arena wide attack which deals very little damage.

Voracidous himself will keep his distance until he shoots a volley of three corrosive spikes and then leaps at his target. The spikes stay embedded in the ground and after a while explode in a large corrosive blast. This blast also damages Voracidous himself but does very little to him while they are very lethal to players. Being caught in more than one may mean instant death.

After enough time has passed, four midget Savage Murderers will spawn at the four totem located opposite corners of the arena and attacks Chief Ngwatu. At that point Chief Ngwatu transfers all the shields he had left to Voracidous while Voracidous himself becomes hostile to him and all the Savage Killers. At this point four more midgets will spawn. Once Chief Ngwatu has been killed, Voracidous gains his true power and will attack faster, grow to his full size while also gaining two blast nova attacks.


"Raid boss, schmaid boss!"


  • If Chief survives after transferring the shield to Voracidous or is protected by Vault Hunters long enough, he'll take back the shield and will power himself leaving Voracidous without any shield vulnerable to attacks. But once Voracidous reaches around 20% health, the shield will automatically transfer to Voracidous provided Chief is still alive.
  • Chief can be shot dead with the Trespasser rifle but this will enrage Voracidous causing him to release novas. Voracidous won't grow to his actual size and release novas so long Chief is alive.