Vorago's Dig Sights is a challenge in Vorago Solitude to find and look through four telescopes distributed around the land.

Each one requires a payment of $5 in order to view the scene.

They are generally located in the North-West, South-West and South-East corners. The North-East one is located by the entrance to the map.


The first telescope is just inside the map to the East of the vendors. From the fast travel, walk forwards and to the left. [Image] [Map]

The second telescope is in the north west corner overlooking an extraction site, South of the glowy-pond area. [Image] [Map]

The third telescope is on the very south west cliff-edge overlooking the main dig site (off-map). On a ledge, right by the pit containing the Cult of the Vault symbol. [Image] [Map]

The fourth telescope is in the south east corner, also overlooking the main dig site (off-map). Again, on a ledge. [Image] [Map]


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