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The Wallop is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Jakobs. It is a mission reward for Guardian Hunter if it is turned in to the Master Poacher.

Special Weapon Effects

Packs one hell of a... – High crit damage, moderately increased accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Wallop is a relatively powerful gun that fires as fast as the trigger is pulled. Being a Jakobs weapon, it has low recoil reduction and takes a long time to recover in exchange for high damage. The Wallop does not do much damage to enemies conventionally, however; scoring multiple critical hits can make quick work of an opponent, even in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. The biggest challenge facing the wallop is its high recoil and terrible recovery, making it difficult to score critical hits even on those with large weak spots.


  • Nisha can effectively ignore the Wallop's high recoil while her Showdown action skill is active.

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