The Wanderlust is a pearlescent E-tech pistol manufactured by Maliwan. It was added with Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge. Like all of the four Pearlescent weapons from the UVHM2 pack, it will only fall from Tubby enemies, and only after reaching level 61 while UVHM2 is installed.

Special Weapon Effects

You never know until you go. – Consumes 3 ammo per shot. Minimal accuracy. Fires ricocheting homing darts that explode when they touch an enemy.

Usage & Description

With its poor accuracy, it is almost impossible to strike the point of aim by simply pulling the trigger, but the Wanderlust's unique projectiles will be fired from the gun at random angles, and upon hitting a surface, ricochet towards the nearest enemy. By virtue of this, it can technically never miss, but may not hit the wielder's intended target. To increase accuracy, the user must aim. The user can take damage from the Wanderlust's projectiles.


  • The Wanderlust cannot score critical hits, as it is an E-Tech pistol.
  • A Mechromancer investing in Anarchy can greatly increase this weapon's damage potential at no cost to accuracy. Investing in the Little Big Trouble tree would further increase the power of a shock Wanderlust.
  • Kills by this gun are not counted to the pistol kills challenge because of the unique projectiles fired by the Wanderlust.
  • A Wanderlust with the Binary prefix will consume 6 ammo per shot and fire 2 darts at once.


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