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"Throw grenades near the glowing fishing poles in the water around Treacher's Landing, and pick up the fish that float to the surface. Bring them back to the New Haven bounty board."
  • Fresh Fish: 0/20


"Fish are a rarity in the sludge you find around the Rust Commons, but they're out there and I'm willing to pay for them. There's no bait, lures, or nets that can catch the bastards though. Your best bet is to go to the docks at Treacher's Landing and drop a grenade into the water. Grab whatever fish float to the surface, and watch out for the bandits."


Follow the way points on the compass to various shallow pools around Treacher's Landing. Each one has a fishing pole with a highlighted green floater attached and when grenades are lobbed into the water near this, several fish will be killed and can be collected from the surface. A phase blast, or Explosive damage from weapons, is just as effective as grenades are for killing the fish, and any other elemental damage has been found to be effective when the floater is shot at directly. Each location will yield four fish.


"There'll be gumbo on the dinner table tonight! Thank you for getting these for me. Here's the payment we agreed to."


  • Transfusion grenades don't work: Switch off any equipped transfusion mod to make the fish appear.
  • The info card of the fish reads: Delicious as only a fish recently exploded from putrid water can be.

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