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Warlord Slog is a miniboss featured in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He can only spawn in Murderlin's Temple, during the mission Magic Slaughter: Badass Round. He is a large orc armed with a large spiked mace and clad in skeletal armor.



Borderlands 2- How to Spawn the King of Orcs02:44

Borderlands 2- How to Spawn the King of Orcs

Warlord Slog has three basic attacks: a ground-pound attack, a leaping ground-pound attack and a swing attack with a mace, all of which can easily put a Vault Hunter into Fight For Your Life mode. Warlord Slog's devastating close combat attacks can be avoided with run-and-gun tactics from long range. A slag and fire combo would be effective against it.

Warlord Slog can level up three times to become the King of Orcs. While leveling up, other orcs around him will be leveled up as well.

In addition to his high health, Warlord Slog wears a pauldron on his left shoulder, shin guards, a gauntlet on his right forearm, a chestplate and a helmet which protects him against critical hits.


  • When killed, the Warlord Slog has a chance of dropping the Ogre.
  • Killing Warlord Slog contributes to the Orcs Should Perish challenge in the Dragon Keep challenge list.
  • His in-game label shows King of Orks.

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