Welcoming Committee is the opening mission for Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Once you Fast Travel to Jakobs Cove you will encounter a Claptrap who will welcome you and provide you with this mission.


You have arrived at Jakobs Cove to find out what has happened.


Head towards the town. Fight your way through zombies! Activate the turrets.


Recalibrate the defense turrets[[ru:Добро пожаловать в Zомбилэнд!|
Welcoming Committee08:13

Welcoming Committee

Video Walkthrough

  • Turret 1 calibrated: 0/1
  • Turret 2 calibrated: 0/1
  • Turret 3 calibrated: 0/1


"Claptrap has informed you of the nearby zombie infestation. The town is normally kept safe by three defensive turrets, but they don't yet recognize zombies as a threat. Your only hope to restore any semblance of security to the area is to recalibrate the town's defensive batteries."
1. Head into town killing zombies. Hug the right wall as you go down.
2. As you enter the town you should see your 1st turret on a platform to your left. Jump to the platform and recalibrate the turret. Once the first turret is recalibrated things get easier as it starts firing upon the zombies in the area.
3. From here you can easily spot the other 2 turrets. One is to your front left and the other is to your front right.
4. Activate the remaining 2 turrets and the zone is now safe.
5. Speak to the Claptrap again.

Jakobs Cove Gatling Turret 1

Activate first

Jakobs Cove Gatling Turret 2a

Activate second

Jakobs Cove Gatling Turret 3b

Activate third


" The turrets seem to be holding off the zombies. The town should be safe."


  • After you speak with the Claptrap there is a windmill in front of you. You can not open the door until the town is secured. It will then allow a shortcut between the town and travel station.

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