The mysterious Sanctuary welder.

The welder is an object inside the Crimson Raiders HQ in Sanctuary. Very distorted audio files emanate from it. There are at least two discernible voices, one male and one female. There are several sets of speech - one conversation between a male and female, one set that is just a female, seemingly speaking to herself, or to an unheard person, and a third set, mostly dominated by the male voice. Which set plays seems to be set when the game is loaded from the title screen.

A few transcriptions are offered below.

Set 1 - Male & Female Conversation

  1. Female voice: "I don't blame the vault hunters for what happened to me."
  2. Male voice: *unintelligible*. Female voice: "I can never forgive you."

Set 2 - Female voice only

  1. Female voice: *unintelligible*. What is that Claptrap unit doing here? *unintelligible*
  2. Female voice: *unintelligible* ...worship Vault hunters... *unintelligible*
  3. Female voice: *unintelligible* ..frightened? (Maybe "you think I'm frightened?" Or "I think I'm getting frightened")
  4. Female voice: *unintelligible* ...real (woman?) needs!
  5. Female voice: ("I was a"? or maybe "The last"?) member of the resistance. Good to meet you.
  6. Female voice: Where are we now? In a dream?
  7. Female voice: Without you, *unintelligible*
  8. Female voice: *unintelligible* ...speaking (that is?) coming out of my face muscles (at?) you.
  9. Female voice: I don't even (know what?) we're doing here...
  10. Female voice: *unintelligible* ...the resistance!
  11. Female voice: *unintelligible* (I hear?) Hyperion's trying to get their hands on Eridium *unintelligible*.
  12. Female voice: You don't look like much of a hero. I mean, no offense.
  13. Female voice: Wow!
  14. Female voice: As long as there are Vault hunters... *unintelligible*
  15. Female voice: *unintelligible* around here?
  16. Female voice: Is any of this even real?
  17. Female voice: (Seemingly resigned) Nothing's changed.
  18. Female voice: *unintelligible* ...spare radio.
  19. Female voice: Is there a reason you're just *unintelligible*?
  20. Unknown voice: *unintelligible* the resistance *unintelligible* right from left.
  21. Female voice: *unintelligible* (Perhaps "maybe it's"?) the wiring?
  22. Female voice: *unintelligible* Hyperion. *unintelligible*, will ya?
  23. Female voice: The vault hunter has saved us from Clayton! *unintelligible* vault hunter!

Set 3 - Mostly male voice

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