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Where Angels Fear to Tread/Transcript

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After BNK-3R fight

Angel: With the Bunker destroyed, you can access the door to my chambers. Move quickly.

Security Door: Preparing bio-scan. Please stand on the Hyperion emblem.

Security Door: Scanning bio-signature.

Security Door: Bio-signature confirmed: Hello, sexy. Awaiting password.

Angel: The password is... I love you.

Roland: That voice modulator had better work, or this'll all be for nothing.

Vault Hunter: I love you.

Security Door: Access granted.

Handsome Jack: Consider this your final warn--no, consider this MY final warning. Turn around and I promise I'll make it quick. But I swear, you take one more step, every soul back in Sanctuary will die staring at their own lungs as I rip them from their chests.

Elevator to Control Core Angel

Angel: Eridium alone could never charge the Vault Key. It needs a catalyst - something to awaken its power. It needs... a Siren. Jack acquired his Siren catalyst a long time ago. He kept her hidden from the world for years, but finally - you will be able to set her free.

Angel: I detect you're getting closer. Hurry and reach me - you must get the Vault Key and... deal with me.

Control Core Angel

Angel: Executing phase shift.

Angel: The key is here, but--

Angel: To truly stop Jack from waking the Warrior, you cannot just steal the Vault Key - you must destroy his catalyst. You must destroy...


Angel: Jack's spent years pumping me full of Eridium, using me to charge his Key and manipulate his enemies. Destroying the Eridium injectors that keep me... alive... will stop the Key from charging. And it will end a lifetime of servitude. Now--

Handsome Jack: You get the hell away from my daughter!

Angel: Aghh!

Handsome Jack: What the hell are you doing, Angel?!

Angel: Stopping you, you piece of--

Handsome Jack: Agh - language!

Angel: The Erdium injectors! Destroy them!

(Vault Hunter shoots injector)

Angel: Yes, just like that!

Handsome Jack: Oh, no you don't! Shields up!

Angel: No! I'll try to expose the injectors, just hold on!

Handsome Jack: Bandit, if you keep this up, I'm heading down to blow your brains out myself. You hear me?!

Angel: He's lying - the coward would never face you in person!

Control Core Angel battle

Angel: I can't stop Jack's defenses! Be careful!

Roland: Hey! Up here! Need a hand?

Angel: Roland - I need you to lower the shields around my Eridium injectors!

Roland: Uh... did I miss something, or is Angel a SIREN?!

Angel: I meant NOW, Roland!

Roland: Right - I'm on it!

Handsome Jack: So this is how you bandits fight, is that it? You can't come straight for me, you gotta kill an innocent girl?!

Angel: That's how he works - he'll try to guilt you, make you think it's your fault. Don't listen.

Handsome Jack: You are endangering my baby girl. This is my vow, every friend, every child, every person you ever passed on the street. I'm gonna kill them all. You didn't follow the rules, bandit.

Handsome Jack: Sweetheart, everything you could ever want is within these four walls. Angel, do you have any idea how much I've sacrificed for you? The bandits I've killed, the people I've manipulated - everything I've done was to protect YOU!

Angel: Promise me you'll kill him, friend.

Roland: I lowered the shield - hit the injector, now!

Roland: Ah, crap!

Angel: Jack's shut down the light bridge!

Roland: Dammit - now I can't reach the last injector panel. I don't know what--

Lilith: How ya doin'?

Roland: Lilith?! What the hell?! I told you not to come!

Lilith: Yeah, and I didn't listen!

Lilith: Hey, look - bad guys!

Handsome Jack: Please. Okay. Are you hearing me? Please don't kill my baby girl.

Handsome Jack: Don't you know what you're DOING?! Who cares about the goddamn Key - you're gonna end the life of an innocent girl!

Angel: Jack ended my life a long time ago. This has to end NOW, Vault Hunter.

Roland: I got the shield down! Hit the injector!

Angel: It's done. It's finally done. Thank you... friend.

Handsome Jack: Angel, you can STOP this. I'll still forgive you, baby!

Angel: Dad, I have to tell you something... You're an asshole.

Handsome Jack: Angel! No! Angel!

Lilith: What kind of person would do this to their own daughter?

Roland: The kind of guy who deserves to die.

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