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Wings are flying avian creatures indigenous to Pandora. They primarily eat small mammals and amphibians, and avoid human contact. There are five recognized breeds: northern common wing, yellow crested wing, red tailed wing, trash feeder, and bloodwing - the rarest and most aggressive type of wings.


  • Both Bloodwing and Talon are bloodwings.
  • Only trash feeders and Bloodwing are seen in-game (Talon only heard through ECHO in Borderlands 2), while the three other types were shown in the Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide.
  • In the strategy guide, a blue wing is shown under the name Yellow Crested Wing, and a yellow wing is shown under the name Northern Common Wing. These should be reversed.
  • Wings are all born male but undergo a natural transition to female halfway through their lives.
  • Corpse Eaters are the zombie version of wings.


  • Hunters aside from Mordecai have used bloodwings for falconry, but this is rare.

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