Wise Owl is a challenge worth 10 badass points in Regolith Range to "Uncover ECHO recorders on Athena's past."

There are a total of four ECHO Recorders spread out in the first area of Regolith Range. All Wise Owl ECHO Recorders are located in and around the scav base, before entering Deadlift's fortress for the first time.

For their contents, see Athena/Quotes.


ECHO #1 When entering Regolith Range from the eastern gate, it is atop the first building on your right. [Image] [Map]

ECHO #2 Past the main building, across from the jump pad that leads to Deadlift is a half burried building that resembles large rocket. The second ECHO Recorder is halfway to the top. [Image] [Map]

ECHO #3 After the 2nd ECHO, the 3rd is located atop the next building to the south (it is tilted upwards, somewhat), at it's southern end. [Image] [Map]

ECHO #4 The final ECHO is on top of the building behind the electric arc, overlooking the magma pool. [Image] [Map]


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