(Chatter, in no particular order, on the crime scene before the mission is accepted ...)

Hark Gutter: Get outta my face, pig.

Marshall Friedman: Can it, boy.

Hark Gutter: You got nothin' on us. Wastin' yer time.

Ennis Gutter: Hey. 'Tween you and me? It was Hark. Dude's shady as hell.

Ennis Gutter: Look -- we both know it's Shin. Just pop him so I can get back to my weldin'.

Barlo Gutter: Go to hell!

Marshall Friedman: You gonna make me get the pepper spray? Shut up.

Barlo Gutter: Alright, I confess -- that you're a jackass!

Shin Gutter: That MacReady boy deserved it, y'know.

Marshall Friedman: Don't make me come over there, Gutter.

Shin Gutter: Stare all you want -- we ain't gonna break.

Marshall Friedman: That's enough outta you, Gutter.

Marshall Friedman: Hey, if you're not doin' nothin', could use some help with this.

(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Marshall Friedman: Hey. Feel like solvin' a murder? I'm the Marshall around these parts. One of these Gutter quadruplets pulled the trigger on that boy over there. Consider yourself deputized -- ask around at Moxxi and Zed's, figure out which one of these identical scum-stains pulled the trigger. Otherwise I'll just have to hang 'em all, and I don't got that kinda time.

(Mission objectives update: Identify killer, Question Marshall Friedman, Question Moxxi, Question Dr. Zed)

(Vault Hunters questions Marshall Friedman.)

Marshall Friedman: I heard a gunshot a couple hours back. Naturally, I ignored it, until somebody came and got me. Uh, I found this boy bleedin' onto the concrete, a single bullet in his throat. And I saw one of these Gutter boys runnin' away. That's all I know, right now, more's the pity.

(Vault Hunters questions Moxxi.)

Moxxi: A Gutter brother? Oh, yeah -- one of them barged in here a couple hours ago, demanding safe haven. I told him I couldn't make any promises, and he got bitchy. I had to pull out Rubi and put a few rounds in him -- his shield ate the first two, but boy, did he feel the last one. Nobody threatens me in my joint.

(Vault Hunters questions Dr. Zed.)

Dr. Zed: Sure, I pulled a round outta one of them Gutter boys. I healed him up as good as new, but, the little skunk overpaid me -- six thou-- five thousand bucks. You don't need to confiscate that or anything, do ya?

(Vault Hunter returns to the crime scene ...)

(If the Vault Hunter accuses the wrong person ...)

Barlo Gutter: Pahahaha! WRONG! Seeya, idiots!

(Barlo Gutter runs away.)

(If the Vault Hunter identifies the real killer ...)

Marshall Friedman: Alright, if you say so.

Barlo Gutter: Yeah, I did it! I ain't sorry! Why don't you try and--

(Marshall Friedman pulls his gun and shoots Barlo Gutter dead.)

Marshall Friedman: Good job, deputy. Barlo thought he could snipe an innocent man and get away with it. But that...

Marshall Friedman: ...was a long shot.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Marshall Friedman.)

Marshall Friedman: Thanks again.

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