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The World's Largest Bullet is a location found in the Sunken Sea.


The World's Largest Bullet is a bandit outpost of various huts and a large silo painted to resemble a giant bullet. The entrance to the bandit camp is marked by an old bus and a Catch-A-Ride station. Aside from the 'bullet' there is one other noticeable feature in the form of a nearby money box, that when accessed can deduct an exorbitant fee of $8,000,000 from a character's inventory. Doing this completes the Sucker born every minute achievement.


  • The World's Largest Bullet features in the mission, Code Breaker: Time is Bullets.
  • There are two vending machines in this location.
  • Note that while the money box exists only to deduct money, and there is no in-game benefit from it, it can be used as often as one likes. This is extremely useful in endgame-level playthroughs of DLC3, and can help prevent cash overflow

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