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Wormhole Threshers are small adult threshers with a gravitational pull attack that draws prey into contact with its dangerously spiky hide.


This variant of thresher can pull enemies toward it, impaling them on the various spikes covering its body. Their target will take constant damage while in contact, until either they weaken the thresher enough to break free or it simply lets go. If there is enough distance between the thresher and an enemy, it will fling spikes.

Taking them out from a distance quickly is an effective way to deal with wormhole threshers, however a properly equipped Vault Hunter may not need to. If intending to use its pull against it, spike shields are extremely effective as the shield will trigger every time it's damaged by the thresher's hide. At close range, shotguns with a high pellet count (multi-barrel shotguns especially) can put a wormhole thresher down very quickly when aimed at its eyes.


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