Hyperion: Welcome to the Hyperion Hall of History! All citizens who reach the end of our historical tour will receive a sizable tax refund!

(Mission objectives update: Learn Jack's history, Get a clear understanding 0/5)

(Vault Hunter activates the first info point.)

Blake: In the beginning, Pandora was chaos... and then there was Jack. When Jack came to Pandora, he found a world of danger and hardship. Jack armed himself to the teeth, using the quality armaments of Hyperion -- the company he called home.

(Mission objectives update: Learn Vault history)

(Vault Hunter activates the second info point.)

Blake: Jack learned of a legendary Vault that housed a terrible evil. He defeated many horrors to reach the Vault. Hideous monsters, and vicious bandits.

(Mission objectives update: Learn monster history)

(Vault Hunter activates the third info point.)

Blake: And five years ago, Jack defeated the monster inside the Vault, triumphed over the evil treasure seekers, and brought peace to Pandora. With that done, the Handsome One staked a claim on the very planet he had saved. For the opening of the Vault bore a wonderful secret only he could have predicted.

(Mission objectives update: Learn Eridium history)

(Vault Hunter activates the fourth info point.)

Blake: Eridium. This mysterious, alien element flourished across Pandora, and Jack became an overnight trillionaire.

(Mission objectives update: Learn Hyperion's goal)

(Vault Hunter activates the fifth info point.)

Blake: Today, Jack, now the owner of the Hyperion corporation, has dedicated his life to bringing bandit scum to justice. There is only one word to describe what Jack has become to Pandora: a hero."

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Hyperion: Thank you for visiting the Hall of History! Take this tax refund as a reward for your continued loyalty."

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