The Yellow Jacket is a unique E-tech submachine gun manufactured by Hyperion. The Yellow Jacket can be obtained as a rare drop from Jackenstein in the H.S.S. Terminus.

Special Weapon Effects

By the people. For the people. –  Always Shock elemental, increased damage, enhanced magazine size, greatly increased projectile size. Projectiles gradually pick up speed, only to become invisible after a certain distance. While invisible, projectiles continue to accelerate until hitting an enemy. Projectiles bounce off the first surface they come in contact with and have a small AoE blast radius. 

Usage & Description

The Yellow Jacket is able to fire a projectile barrage which prevents enemies from closing distance with the gun's wielder, and because of its mandatory shock accessory it can deplete enemy shields in a matter of seconds. Using it in this manner makes the Yellow Jacket one of several weapons that is hurt by skills that enhance bullet velocity. The Yellow Jacket is most effective at close to medium range.


  • The Yellow Jacket is the only E-tech submachine gun that may spawn with a bladed attachment.
  • The Yellow Jacket's damage is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.


  • The Yellow Jacket was named by fans in a contest from Gamestop.
  • The Yellow Jacket's skin is very similar to the Hive and the Hornet, except the Yellow Jacket is blue, while the Hive and Hornet are yellow.
  • Gearbox said the following about the Yellow Jacket, in response to fans: "Now, you may notice that the gun isn't – how to put this – yellow. The reason for this is simple: the Hyperion designer who designed the weapon was violently colorblind. Worry not, though – after Hyperion management noticed this mistake, the designer was fired. Out of a cannon. Into a moon.
  • The Yellow Jacket's red text, "By The People, For the People" is a line from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.