You Call That a Shield? is a challenge in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. To complete this challenge, the Bosun must be killed without destroying any of his shield regenerators.


Bosuns shield regenerator2

One of the Bosun's Shield Regenerators

There are four Bosun's Shield Regenerators around the room that will constantly charge the Bosun's shield until destroyed. In order to complete this challenge, Bosun's shield must must be destroyed expeditiously. However, since the shield regenerators recharge the Bosun's shield at a very fast rate, considerably strong weapon will be needed to get the shield down.

One effective strategy involves the use of a shock weapon which would effectively deplete the Bosun's shield. Another possible strategy is to use the Longnail as its shots will bypass the Bosun's shield, inflicting damage directly to his health.

The challenge is completed once the Bosun is defeated without any of his shield generators destroyed.


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