(to do: Aurelia's reaction to music deletion)

(Accept mission)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: You’ve got a weird looking first name, I like the sides of your main train, I don’t… something same same what have… int pay… pain -- rrrrgghh URGGHHH! H-h-h-help!

Claptrap’s Consciousness: I can’t take it anymore! Some earworm’s wriggled into my music library and it’s looping over and over and over and over and OVER! “You’ve got a good looking mainframe…” RAAARGH! Please! Kill it! Kill it before it becomes my favorite SONG!

(Arrive in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Hey, just so you know, so you’re, like… prepared: my music collection can be pretty intimidating. There’s a loooooot of tracks in there. I’m talking classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk, rap, various fusions, trip-hop, musicals -- a LOT of musicals. I’m talkin’ full orchestra, original cast recordings, rare remixes, unreleased b-sides. Y’know -- lotta stuff you prob’ly never heard of, so. Fair warning. If your mind gets blown, it’s NOT on me, you know? Ha!

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Yeah, I’ve got tracks from every corner of the known universe. And a bunch from unknown universes, too. I mean, I am ALL about music!

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Hey, um -- if you want me to make you a mix, just say the word. Always good to get exposed to new things, right? Just be ready, though -- I’m into a lot of very complex a-tonal experimental stuff, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

(Kill Teh Earworm)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Oh. Oh-hohohohoho! That did it! I really think that it is d-e-aad… oh wait, did you hear what I just sa-a-id? I must have been wr-o-ong, ‘cause here I am still singing this song! Oh, system error!

(Kill Teh Earworm)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: YES! Ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, oh-ho-ho-ho-nooooo… NO! It’s back again! Please, please, please, KILL IT!

(Kill Teh Earworm)

Teh Earworm: [sounds of dying]

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Careful handling that cach-é… Just do not let it get away… My nerves are turned to pur-ee… -- I’m SORRY!

(Take music file)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Yeah, you’ve found the fiii-iile! I rea-lly like your sty-yle!! Now let’s get to some re-cyc-a-li-in’… You raise the roof and then throw it ii-in! Ohoho, NO! Please, destroy it fast!

(Place music)

Recycling Bin: Delete file? Are you sure?

(Pull lever)

  • Athena (if present): Yes! Ugh, YES!
  • Nisha (if present): You kidding me? Delete that file to oblivion, now!
  • Wilhelm (if present): Just do it!
  • Claptrap (if present): I don’t even know who I’m talking to anymore! Am I talking to myself?
  • Jack2 (if present): HELL. YES.
  • Aurelia (if present): Unquestionably!

Recycling Bin: Deleting Top Tunes library! Goodbye, music!

Claptrap’s Consciousness: What?! Wait! NO! NO NO NONONO NO NO NO NOOOO! That’s my whole library! For the love of music, cancel! CANCEL! I can feel myself forgetting!

(Pull lever)

Recycling Bin: File deletion halted at 99.9 percent.

  • Athena (if present): Nothing left but dubstep files. Ouch.
  • Nisha (if present): Ha -- just dubstep tracks left!
  • Wilhelm (if present): Nothing left but that dubstep crap.
  • Claptrap (if present): Ah. Looks like all that’s left is… dubstep?! Noooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Jack2 (if present): You lost all your music, and what’s left is this dubstep crap, haha!
  • Aurelia (if present): (missing)

(Take musical remains)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Mmn-ttss, mnttss, mnttss -- boy, this stuff is dance-awesome! Right?!

(Turn in)

Claptrap’s Consciousness: Just think of all that free memory space! There’s gonna be A LOT of dancing around here now!

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