Yvette is an employee working for the Hyperion Corporation, and a supporting character in Tales from the Borderlands.


Yvette works in requisitions, and handles transportation for most Hyperion activities. She gets along with Rhys and Vaughn, who often spend lunch time with her. She is known to have gotten people to buy her lunch, which gets her the nickname "Lunch Leech". Regardless, she is close friends with Rhys and Vaughn, and when they first arrive on Pandora, Yvette monitors their progress and gives them assistance while she remains on Helios.


As Rhys and Vaughn walk out of Hugo P. Vasquez's office in anger, they encounter Yvette, who then question Rhys' promotion. Upon learning of Vasquez' takeover and Rhys' demotion, Yvette then talks with Vaughn on how to get vengeance. The trio decide to make a purchase of the Vault Key that Vasquez was going after, with Rhys convincing Yvette to help him and Vaughn reach Pandora and provide support with a Loader Bot.

As soon as they get to Pandora, Rhys calls Yvette to summon a Loader bot to fight against Rudiger and his bandits. Later, while escaping from the botched deal, Rhys calls Yvette again, attempting to ask her to help track the lost money. Yvette, however, declines, as she is being monitored, while Hyperion are on a hunt for both Rhys and Vaughn. While struggling to survive in Bossanova's base, Rhys gets a call from Yvette, only to find out it was Vasquez on the line.

While being shot at by Helios, Rhys attempts to contact Yvette but is unsuccessful. He later contacts her in request for help after being separated from Fiona and Sasha. Vasquez ends up tracking them through Yvette.

Rhys tries to gain Yvette's help in breaking into Hyperion's systems in order to get into Handsome Jack's office, but, while disguised as Vasquez, comes to find out Yvette had been helping Vasquez find Rhys in order to get a promotion. Yvette gains control over Vasquez's office and attempts to have Rhys, still disguised as Vasquez, arrested. The player can either talk Yvette down or electrocute her, knocking her unconscious.

Yvette eventually catches Sasha at a security check and finds Gortys and Fiona in the Prison Wing. While escorting them to the cells, Fiona knocks her out and has Yvette and the two guards helping her locked up instead.

When Rhys attempts to escape Helios, he finds Yvette conscious inside her cell. Depending on the player's actions prior, Yvette will either apologize for betraying Rhys and ask to be released or criticize Rhys, swearing he won't survive Handsome Jack.

If the player releases Yvette, she will follow Rhys to the Core Room and attempts to hack into the core to shut it down. When Handsome Jack opens up the air ducks, Yvette is pulled from the ledge and ends up grabbing onto Rhys. The player can either help Yvette up or let her fall into space.

If the player saves Yvette, she helps destroy the core and follows him to the escape pods. Handsome Jack corners Rhys and Yvette is forced to take the last stable escape pod, dependent on the player's choices, with or without Rhys' approval.

After Rhys is reunited with Vaughn and the Children of Helios, Vaughn states that he found Yvette while searching for the others. Yvette assists Vaughn with the Moon Beam while trying to take out the Traveler.