(Approach Z8N-TP)

Z8N-TP: Hello traveler! My years locked away in Nature's stony embrace have let me glimpse the universe as it truly is. That, or my optics are on the fritz again. But I'm pretty sure it's more likely to be enlightenment stuff!

(Accept mission)

Z8N-TP: Getting all wise and peaceful and stuff ain't easy! To maintain this level of blissed-out I need to keep the supply of purple coming in. So, go wound some of those weird guardian creatures called Opha! Wound them with an elemental weapon, and then melee them -- that way, they'll drop putti, which are very rich in TOTAL AWESOME! Do it any other way and it won't work! And I gotsta get me summa that SWEET SAUCE! Head down that alien construct elevator bit to reach a mysterious place down below. Yeeeah, that's the best place to land some sweet putti!

(Kill Ophas)

Z8N-TP: You're not getting it! I'm on the edge here and I'm looking down!

Z8N-TP: So, to be clear: wound them with an elemental weapon, then melee till they drop the putti. And, errr, uh -- I'm getting the shakes here.

Z8N-TP: Don't make me bottom out here!

(Pick up all required putti)

Z8N-TP: Hey, you know who's awesome? You are! I mean, you've totally scored all the putti I need to keep doing my whole enlightenment thing. Come on back, and prepare to be amazed!

(Approach Z8N-TP)

Z8N-TP: You're just in time... I've fallen off the path, or something! Quick, install the putti into my storage drive -- that should do the trick!

(Give putti)

Z8N-TP: Ooh, yeah! That's the stuff! Something's definitely happening!

Z8N-TP: Ohhh! Angry little stars spilling from my soul! They must be extinguished!

Z8N-TP: I can almost hear them! It's like they're little robots, too! Man, I'm soooo enlightened right now!

Z8N-TP: C'mon, man! I'm all enlightened and stuff! Don't yank me back to this poop bucket of a rock!

(Destroyed putti)

Z8N-TP: Thanks, friend! In the space of a few short clock cycles I knew the joy of motherhood, the bitter taste of betrayal -- though that could have been hydraulic fluid -- and the sadness of loss. Perhaps I wasn't meant to be enlightened. Still, you helped me out and a deal's a deal.

(Turn in)

Z8N-TP: What's happening?! I'm not doin' this!

Z8N-TP: I understand now! All that killing was totally worth it! I ascend... or I would, if this metaphorical ceiling wasn't in my way. I must ponder the deeper meaning of this!

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