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(Accept mission)

Springs: Whoa! That looks like one of them fancy laser weapons. Let's take it for a spin!

Springs: The local scavs are getting a little too pillagey of late; let's see how this gun goes against them.

(Kill 3 scavengers)

Springs: How about we spice things up a bit, really send a message? Set fire to a few scavs, help clean the place up a bit! Don't forget, you'll need to do it in an oxigen-rich environment. Go science!

(Kill 5 scavengers)

Springs: Nice! While lasers can be fired in a vacuum, they're way more effective in an atmosphere, cause they set fire to things. Which needs air. Obviously. Try to keep up.

(Kill 10 scavengers)

Springs: That's ten! It's like you're cleaning up moon scavs, making the universe a nicer place!

(Ignite 1 scavenger)

Springs: Sweet as! But don't forget: lasers work best when there's an atmosphere.

(Ignite 3 scavengers)

Springs: Good stuff! Nothing'll set a scav on fire like a laser with some air to chew on!

(Kill 15 scavengers)

Springs: Scavs really yank my chain,and that weapon works a treat on them -- bar the not-burning part! I've been dyin' to tinker with a laser weapon for ages... bring it back to mine and let's see what they can do. You might learn a thing or two as well.

(Turn in)

Springs: Nice work dealing with those scavs! Fire weapons love a bit of flesh to work on, especially in an atmosphere. Gimme that weapon and let's have a bit of fun. I hear these things can be tuned to shoot HEAPS of different elements!

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