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(Accept mission)

Springs: I've been tinkering with that laser you gave me -- made a few frosty adjustments. I'd love to see what it does to torks now, another of Elpis' deadly denizens! Want to give it a field test and clean house a bit in the process?

(Kill 1 tork)

Springs: You should be able to freeze most creatures and people solid if you do enough ice damage at once. Then -- one good wallop, and you'll shatter' 'em! Give it a try, if you're up for it!

(Freeze 1 tork)

Springs: That's it! Get in close and smack that tork in the chops if you want to shatter it!

(Shatter 5 torks)

Springs: And that's how you shatter something! Not so cocky now, eh, tork?!

(Tork thaws out)

Springs: Gotta be faster than that or they'll thaw out! Give it another shot. Literally!

(Kill 15 torks)

Springs: Nice work, Vault Hunter! Swing by, I've got another fantastic idea that's both constructive AND destructive. Plus, I need to reward you for being my shooty-smashy-assistant.

(Turn in)

Springs: Nice work! I've got one last nugget of fun to be had, if you're game!

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