Zero Hour is a tier 4 skill in Wilhelm's Dreadnought skill tree.

When Saint is recalled or expires, he explodes, deploying a Healing Zone underneath you. You and your friends regenerate health while standing in the zone.


  • Healing Zone Duration: 12 seconds
  • % of Max Health Regenerated: 8% per second


This ability works really well when Wilhelm or his allies are under heavy fire as the constant health regeneration can beat out the damage. It is well suited for tank-like builds in need of health regeneration.

This ability comes handy when helping a fallen ally, as it prevents supporting character going down while reviving someone. This will also regenerate health of the ally being revived.


  • This ability does not happen instantaneously. Once Saint explodes, the healing area appears like a transfusion grenade returning health. Once the healing particle gets to you, it will activate.
  • Due to this, constantly moving may mitigate the effect, as it requires you to be in the zone for it to work.

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