Type Basic melee (and sometimes ranged) enemy.
Strengths Dangerous in packs, corrosive
Weaknesses Head, fire, explosive
Notable Zombies T.K. Baha
See also: Zombie

Zombies are undead brain sucking soulless "living impaired" humans. Originally the inhabitants of Jakobs corporation's operation on Pandora at Jakobs Cove. After a terrible outbreak 97% of the population have been killed or turned into zombies. The plague has affected not just the town's inhabitants but many of the bandits in the area as well.


Zombies come in many shapes and sizes although they are all human-like in appearance.

They also have greenish-grey skin colors, and blackened eye sockets.

General Strategy

Most zombies are mindless, attacking with little regard to self-preservation. They are extraordinarily vulnerable to critical hits against their head. They are susceptible to Incendiary and Explosive attacks, but resist Corrosive attacks, taking no damage at all from any corrosive damage over time or area elemental effect. Shock is not especially effective against their unshielded flesh, and indeed heals a couple of powerful varieties.

Because zombies move so slowly and predictably and because they are weak to fire, it is not difficult to ignite an entire horde and watch the fire consume them before they become a threat.

All zombies have three attacks; a bite attack, a melee attack and a 'spit' attack. The spit attack does little to no damage but it interferes with player visibility and slows movement. All zombie varieties (normal, torso, lance, etc...) are capable of spitting at range for minor damage as well as slowing their target's movement. This ability appears to be more common among higher level mobs.

Zombie Types

Zombies come in a variety of types, each of which dictates their combat abilities. All zombies will drop a zombie brain if killed by a shot in the head. Most minor zombies can be knocked down or stunned with a melee attack.


A zombie is the basic undead, brain feasting type. They are relatively slow, use no weapons, and will move straight towards the nearest target. They can appear as any of the basic humans in the game, some still wearing their beer caps.

Tactics: All weapon types are effective, save for electrical and corrosive type elemental weapons. Zombies are only lethal at close range. More often then not they will spawn behind, the side or even all around the player which makes retreating to a bottle neck or recently cleared area highly advised.


The defiler can be recognized by its lack of a shirt and increased movement speed. Defilers are often interspersed in groups of ordinary zombies. The defiler has a belch akin to a regular zombie, but its effects are amplified. The defiler will run up close, brace himself and spew goo that obscures vision and slows movement on his target. In the middle of a horde of zombies, being hit by a defiler can be fatal. They can also do a continuous vomit attack from side to side, which has a shorter range but covers a wider area then the glob attack, making it harder to avoid. After performing an attack they will often run away a certain distance before doubling back to attack again.

Tactics: Barring nearby suicide zombies, the defiler should take priority in the kill queue. His ranged attack means attacking at range is best. A quick headshot will put down a defiler just as quickly as any other zombie. Prioritizing the defiler in this fashion will make dealing with other zombies that much easier.

Corpse Eater

Corpse Eaters are undead Trash Feeders similar to Mordecai's pet Bloodwing, they attack in swarms in a manner not unlike Rakk, but are much harder to shake off. When killed they drop 'eggs'.

Tactics: Their signature attack is to swarm onto their target. However, before this happens, they group together and attack the player in unison. Because of this, shotguns or any weapon with a high rate of fire and an incendiary accessory is effective.

Roland's Scorpio Turret is effective against swarming Corpse Eaters. Deploying the turret, then moving in front of it, allows the turret to attack the swarm which can be difficult to hit otherwise. Also the Scorpio Turret will draw aggro when deployed, making it easier for the player to target the Corpse Eaters.


Skelerakk are undead Rakk that appear only on the coastline in Generally Hospital. They have the same behavior patterns as normal Rakk, but have more health.

Tactics: Treat them the same as normal Rakk. Shotguns are effective, as are automatic machine guns and SMGs.


Wereskags are humans turned halfway into Skags by the intended cure for the zombie disease. Wereskags have the ability to regenerate their health, going berserk in the process increasing their movement / attack speed, damage and resistance.

As with most enemies in Jakobs Cove, they are weak to fire damage.


Torsos are legless and forced to crawl along the ground. They are relatively slow and easy to kill. However, due to their missing legs, they can very easily sneak up on their intended target and can be lethal if overlooked.

Tactics: They are weak to the same things ordinary zombies are, kill them with fire or explosive damage.

Psycho Zombie

Psycho Zombies are undead psycho bandits and behave similarly. They move relatively fast and will run towards their prey, spitting or engaging in melee combat. If they take a large amount of damage in a short span of time but don't die, they will frenzy, their eyes glowing red while they move at a dramatically increased clip.

Tactics: It is especially important to kill them quickly once they are seen on the field. Either a headshot with a powerful Sniper Rifle or a strong incendiary weapon is mandatory.

Midget Zombie

Midget Zombies are undead midget bandits and behave very similar. They are one of the few zombies that have a good jump ability and can reach ledges other zombies can't. They move relatively fast for zombies and have the ability to stun the player.

Tactics: Their new jumping ability can easily be dealt with by treating them like Scythids or other leaping enemies. Either wait for them to jump and lay into them with a shotgun, or use an incendiary weapon and let the damage over time do them in.

Suicide Zombie

Suicide Zombies look like bruisers and carry a barrel on their back. They will throw their barrel when they are close enough. Upon them being in range, they explode, dealing explosive damage in the process. They have normal movement speed. However once they throw the barrel they move at a quicker pace, only a Psycho zombie can move faster then them.

Tactics: It's possible to shoot the barrel before the zombie becomes a threat, either shooting it out of the air or off the suicide zombie's back before it becomes a threat. If they are hit by an explosive element weapon proc or a grenade, the barrel will explode, killing them instantly. Shooting them in the legs will cause them to trip and explode.


Tankenstein are similar to Suicide Zombies and look like bruisers but they carry two barrels on their back. They will throw their barrel when they are close enough. Their barrels attacks can daze the player, reducing movement speed and bullet velocity. They continue to use barrel attacks even after the barrel on their back has exploded. They have a lot more health than other zombies and have normal movement speed. They can also charge the player and like other zombies deal heavy damage in melee distance. They always have the Badass title in their names, and changes depending on playthrough.

Tactics: If the Tankenstein is hit with a grenade, rocket or a large amount of bullets before they get close, the barrel they carry will explode killing or damaging and stunning them for an extended period of time.

Warning!: Use of electric attacks on Badass Tankenstein will result in the creature gaining a full heal.


Loot Goon

Loot Goons are monstrous humanoid zombies. They carry a red weapon chest strapped to their back. They are a tough opponent as they are smarter, stronger and faster than regular undead. They have high health and elemental attacks and are essentially the same as a Tankenstein, minus the barrel attacks. Once killed, the weapon chest on their back may be opened.

They typically spawn alone, in out of the way locations like the right-most section of the coastline of Generally Hospital.

Tactics: Keep a good distance and aim for the head. Use fire if he gets too close.

Lance Zombie

Lance Zombies are encountered in Dead Haven and are Crimson Lance soldiers who have been turned into the undead, they have better armor and higher health than an average zombie. Although undead, Lance Zombies can still deploy their Scorpio Turret. No longer wearing the helmets that are usually a part of their armor, they have the ability to spit goo. Oddly, Lance Zombies are only infantry. In any other instance, standard infantry Crimson Lance can't use Scorpio Turrets.

Tactics: Treat them like normal zombies, use incendiary/explosive weapons and aim for the head.

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